Modframe – Heavy Duty Modular Framing for MEPF equipment.

FDG’s heavy duty modular framing system; Modframe, is used to support a wide range of MEPF equipment.

For example:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment (HVAC).
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing equipment.
  • Fire sprinkler systems.

Heavy Duty, User-friendly and Versatile

Fabricating a support structure using Modframe is easy. Due to the German-engineered core components, which can be quickly and easily combined to create almost any frame or support structure. In addition to the core components, there are a wide range of fastening accessories available like pipe holders and clamping shoes.

Time and cost saving

Significant time and labour cost savings are possible if you choose Modframe over a more conventional welded frame. That’s because the need for drilling, welding and galvanising is eliminated! So the assembly process is quick and easy and so are any future site modifications.

Features and Benefits of Modframe

  • Reduced fabrication time.
  • Reduced labour cost.
  • Easy to make future modifications.
  • Complies with New Zealand Building Standard NZS 4219:2009 – Seismic performance of engineering systems in buildings
  • Compatible with FDG’s C1 C2 Certified Seismic Anchors

Approval/ calculation possibilities:

• RAL-GZ-655-B+C+D+E
• NZS 1170.5:2004
• NZS 4219:2009
• NZS 4541:2020
• AS/NZ 4680:2006

FDG-Modframe-Modular-framing-MEPF 2
FDG Modframe-img2
FDG-Modframe-Modular-framing-MEPF 02