Acoustic Pipe Lagging

SoundlagTM is a premium acoustic lagging that has been developed to effectively reduce noise from pipes, valves, hydraulic services, fan housing and duct work. Ideal for commercial, industrial and domestic buildings, this dense and flexible lagging is easy to cut to size and install. Soundlag™ is fully compliant to New Zealand Standards and the New Zealand Building Code requirements.


SoundlagTM has a highly dense and flexible mass layer providing excellent sound reduction properties, whilst the decoupling layer breaks the vibration path between substate and the mass barrier, allowing the vinyl external wrap to remain flexible – optimisng performance.

  • Easy to bond with matching tape or equivalent
  • Can cut to size and simple to install
  • Endorsed and tested by leading acoustic consultants and engineers


When designing a system using SoundlagTM 4525C, penetrations through ceilings must be taken into account to ensure effective sound reduction especially from down-lights, air conditioning ducting, access hatches and where lightweight ceilings such as mineral fibre tiles are used.


SoundlagTM 4525C is easily installed using Soundtape, a high quality, self adhesive, reinforced foil tape. To ensure a high quality fit-out, place 3 circumferential wraps of Soundtape every 300 – 400mm, i.e. 3 wraps per 1M length of pipe.

Need Something More Custom?


Talk to FDG about a colour match for your fasteners. With a range of ColourSteel colours to choose from you can get a great looking match for your job.