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“When it comes to engineering data and accuracy of technical specifications, FDG are second to none…”

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High Quality Products

We always stock the highest quality products available, along with reliable testing and engineering data.

Reduced Compliance Workload

Our team have the experience, technical skills and know-how to guide you seamlessly through the compliance process.

Supplier Consolidation

Streamline operations, strengthen supplier relationships and reduce freight, admin and other related costs.

Seismic Design & Planning

FDG offers technical design services for non-structural framing and seismic bracing – from planning to completion.

Reliable Nationwide Delivery

Our delivery fleet, supported by nationwide transport companies ensures efficient deliveries, everytime.

Latest Projects

The Central Rail Link

The largest transportation infrastructure project in the NZ history – The Central Rail Link aimed to connect two crucial points in Auckland’s transportation network. Our products played an integral role in making this monumental connection a reality.

Tauhara Power Station

Tauhara is a new geothermal power station north of Taupo in the central North Island of New Zealand. Developed by Contact Energy, this power station will displace just over 500,000 tons per year of carbon emissions as fossil fuel generation is shut down.


The 50-year-old Auckland University Social Sciences Building (B201) on Symonds Street has been refurbished in a sustainable, adaptive reuse project, and recently awarded 93 points awarded by the New Zealand Green Building Council achieving a 6 Green Star Design rating.

Need Something Custom Designed & Engineered?

If you require a custom design, talk to FDG about our Design Services and we can assist you with compliant designs for your next non-structural framing project.

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Seismic Bracing of Building Services in New Zealand – Safety and Compliance

At FDG, we specialize in providing comprehensive seismic bracing solutions, offering both cable and rigid bracing systems designed to meet and even exceed government standards.

New! FDG Chemical Seismic Anchors

“Keeping you moving and making” takes on a whole new meaning when it’s tailored for the unique challenges of the New Zealand seismic landscape. FDG Chemical Seismic Anchors bring unmatched quality to your projects, ensuring they stand strong against the harsh conditions of our region.

6 Effective Treatments for Your Fasteners

Fasteners are used in thousands of applications from construction to internal design, so having the right treatment on your fasteners can make a job more efficient and effective, saving you time and money as well as looking good.
Depending on your requirements for your fasteners, will depend on the right final finish desired. Read more about the most effective treatments available on the market today and then give FDG a call to see how we have help you with your job.

Daily Site Deliveries

The FDG delivery fleet leaves our premises by 9am every morning, to ensure your products arrive safely and on time.

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