FDG Chemical Injection Anchors – Seismic C1 C2 Certified

FDG Chemical Injection Anchors provide an innovative anchoring solution that offers a level of flexibility and strength that traditional mechanical anchors simply can’t match. Chemical Injection Anchors utilise a unique resin technique that provides superior adhesion, making them ideal for fastening to virtually any concrete-to-concrete and steel-to-concrete connections.

Unlike mechanical anchors, which expand upon tightening and can have limitations, chemical injection anchors fill all irregularities in the hole, creating an airtight and waterproof seal. We have a range of C1 C2 Certified Chemical Injection Anchors that meet New Zealand Building Standard NZS 4219:2009 and they are ready to be delivered to your site.

NZS 4219:2009 covers the design, construction and installation of seismic restraints for engineering systems such as air-handling units, tanks, cabinets, pipework and ductwork and requires the use of C1 C2 rated seismic restraints because of the high level of seismic activity in New Zealand.

Our range of C1 C2 rated seismic restraints include FDG HC200+FC and FDG as well as a range of Mechanical Anchors.

C1 C2 Certified Seismic Throughbolt Anchors

H200+FC Fast Cure Vinylester

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C1 C2 Certified Seismic Screw Bolt Anchor

E600+ Epoxy

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