A Leading supplier of Cable Supports

FDG offers a wide range of Cable support systems for all applications, made from a wide variety of materials. The range includes various cable laying depths and load capacities. From heavy duty cable ladders to light weight tray and basket, FDG is your go to partner for supporting your cable.

Cable Tray

Cable Tray is typically the most popular choice when running cable to support and organize. Cable Tray provides an economical, fast, and safe alternative to traditional open wiring.

Cable Tray accessories

FDG stock to full range of cable tray accessories used when installing.

Cable Basket

Cable basket is typically used to support light-weight and data cable. It key benefits include the speed to install and excellent cable ventilation. A full range of fitting and accessories are available from FDG.

Cable Ladder

Cable ladder is typically used to support heavy and high-voltage cable. Available from FDG in HDG, Stainless Steel and Aluminum in several different load ratings and cable laying depths. They are tested and conform with NEMA Standards. A full range of risers and bends are available from FDG.

Need Something More Custom?


To assist with efficiency on site, strut can be cut to any required length to save time and increase productivity. FDG’s keeps you moving and making.