Strut And Accessories

Strut is one of the core components in mechanical, hydraulic and electrical support systems. Combining this classical system with cutting edge, quality product development, FDG introduces a new era of support systems. One of the highlights of the FDG Strut system is its ease of installation and the range includes alternatives to Unistrut & P1000 like Solid and Slotted Strut with suitable accessories. Strut is a time and money saving alternative to traditional support methods by eliminating the need for welding and drilling. It also provides superior flexibility due to its modular nature.

Strut Bracketry

FDG Strut Brackets are critical for creating rigid seismic bracing assemblies. With a wide range of fixed and hinged backets available this strong and easy to install bracing systems gives you the options you require. The FDG Strut Brackets are stocked standard as Hot Dip Galvanized, however are also available in ZP, Stainless Steel or painted finishes if required.

Slotted Strut

FDGs slotted strut is our most common channel and comes with pre-punched holed which are sized to fit M10 and M12 Threaded Rod and bolts to fit FDGs standard range of Strut fittings.

Slotted Angle

FDGs slotted angle is ideally suited to supporting lightweight HVAC Ducting systems.

Solid Strut

FDG’s Solid Strut is commonly used where extra strength is required for example heavy pipework, large cable ladders or seismic bracing systems.

Back to Back Strut

For extra heavy requirements, back-to-back strut give you the strength you need. Commonly used for seismic bracing and supporting large pipework.

Strut Accessories

FDG has a range of over 200 strut accessories to suit your unique site requirements. We also have the ability to manufacture custom components very quickly if required.

Need Something More Custom?


Talk to FDG about our Design Service with your next project. We can assist with designs for a modular framing solution for your next plant room or HVAC design.