FDG STRUT™ – Modular Framing with Superior Adaptability

We have a full range of FDG STRUT™ products in stock and ready to deliver. Plus we have all the technical know-how and engineering data you need to make sure your project is compliant, on-time and on-budget. FDG STRUT™ is comparable to Unistrut® (owned by Unistrut International Corporation) products in terms of materials, quality and engineering data.

    Huge Range of Quality Stock Available

    FDG STRUT™ and Strut Bracketry are a core component in the construction of non-structural framing for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire or any other building services project. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, with over 40+ different sizes and finishes, as well as 200+ brackets and fittings available – we have what you need. And if we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.

    Pre-Galvanised, Hot Dip Galvanised and SS316 Stainless Steel are all available or if you have a more specific request, we offer custom colour powder-coating or painting to meet architectural requirements.

    Easy to Install with Superior Adaptability

    Easy to install, and easy to adapt to changes in your project plan – FDG STRUT™ is the right choice when adaptability is key. For example: FDG STRUT™ is perfect for projects where there are space or time restraints and it’s modular design means it can be adapted to almost any application.

    Features and Benefits of FDG STRUT™

    • No need for welding or drilling.
    • Lightweight design.
    • Ideal for tight spaces
    • Corrosion Resistant.
    • Easy to install and adapt.
    • 40+ Different sizes and finishes.
    • 200+ Different fittings available.

    Approval/ calculation possibilities:

    • AS/NZS 4600:2018
    • NZS 4100:2020
    • 5:2009
    • NZS 4219:2009
    • NZS 4541:2020
    • AS/NZS 4680:2006

    Engineering Resources

    FDG STRUT™ Technical Product Specifications

    Contains sizes, specifications, materials, finishes and other engineering data.

    FDG STRUT™ Bracketry Technical Product Specifications

    Contains sizes, specifications, materials, finishes and other engineering data.

    FDG STRUT™ Channels

    Slotted Strut (FDG1000T)

    This is our most commonly used strut product and comes with pre-punched holes to fit M10 and M12 Threaded Rod, Fasteners and FDG STRUT™ Bracketry. This is a comparable product to Unistrut® P1000T.

    Solid Strut (FDG1000)

    This is commonly used where extra strength is required – for example heavy pipework, large cable ladders or seismic bracing systems. This is a comparable product to Unistrut® P1000.

    Back to Back Strut (FDG1001)

    For extra heavy requirements, back-to-back strut give you the strength you need. Commonly used for seismic bracing and supporting large pipework. This is a comparable product to Unistrut® P1001.

    Strut Bracketry

    FDG STRUT™ has a range of over 200 strut brackets and accessories to suit your unique site requirements. We also have the ability to manufacture custom components very quickly if required. This is a comparable product range to Unistrut® Accessories Range.

    Need Something More Custom?

    If you require a custom design, talk to FDG about our Design Services and we can assist you with compliant designs for your next non-structural framing project.