Pipe Clamps – Supports for Pipework and Tube

We have a full range of FDG Pipe Clamps and other Support Products for Pipework and Tube in stock and ready to deliver.  Designed to simplify and reduce the cost of supporting pipework and tube – FDG Pipe Support Products can be used for a variety of weight bearing capacities, from small refrigeration tubing, through to larger industrial and infrastructure piping.

Wide Range of Sizes, Finishes & Fittings

Our warehouse has stock of a wide range of Pipe Clamps including; Rubber Lined Quick Lock Pipe Clamps, Double Bolted Clamps, Saddle clamps, Yoke clamps, U-Bolts, and AON Listed Welded Boss Pipe Clamps. These are available in Zinc Plate, Hot Dip Galv and SS316 Stainless Steel but they can also be custom painted to meet specific architectural requirements.

Custom Options Available

All FDG Pipe Clamps are manufactured to industry standards and however custom solutions can be produced to suit your individual requirements. FDG’s pipe clamps are ideal for use in conjunction with our FDG Strut and ModFrame systems.

Features and Benefits of FDG Pipe Clamps

  • Reduced installation time, providing cost savings.
  • Supports a wide range of loads.
  • Huge range of sizes, finishings and fittings.
  • Works in conjunction with FDG Strut and ModFrame systems.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
  • Manufactured to industry standards.

Approval/ calculation possibilities:

  • NZS1170.5:2009
  • NZS 4219:2009
  • AS/NZS 4680:2006

Rubber lined quick lock Clamps

FDGs rubber lined pipe clips comes in a range of sizes from 12mm-210mm. they suit all pipes including PVC, HDPE, Copper, Steel and Pex. They are stocked in Zinc Plate, Dacromet and Stainless Steel

Saddle Clamps

Our stocked range is available in HDG and sized from 15mm-450mm but custom and larger diameters are available within a week.

2 Piece Channel Clip

The stocked sizes range from 8mm-300mm and custom sizes and finishes are available, typically within a week.

Yoke Clamps

Stocked sizes in HDG range from 50mm-250mm, with custom sizes and finishes available within a week.

2 Piece Double Bolted Clamps

FDG stock a range from 80mm-300mm in HDG but are able to manufacture custom sizes and finishes within a week.

Thermaloc Hot & Cold Pipe Supports

Light weight and extremely tough Thermobreak® Thermaloc is a high density, closed cell, cross linked polyethylene polymer foam pipe support for hot and cold applications.

Need Something More Custom?


Do you require a supplier who can deliver a tailored solution to accompany your innovative designs? Then FDG is the supplier to talk to.