Building Product Information Requirements

In response to the recently implemented regulations effective from December 11, 2023, impacting the New Zealand building sector, FDG is dedicated to ensuring compliance with these standards.

The Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR) initiative stands as a noteworthy project, aiming to provide consumers with enhanced information about building products available in the New Zealand market.

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– FDG Chem Set Studs

– FDG Drop-in Anchors

– FDG Screw Bolts

– FDG Sleeve Anchors

– FDG Throughbolts


– FDG Coach Bolts

– FDG Coach Screws

– FDG High Tensile Bolts & Nuts

– FDG High Tensile Nuts

– FDG High Tensile Set Screws

– FDG Purlin Bolts


– FDG Self Tapping Screws – Timber

– FDG Self Drilling Screws – Metal

Structural Assemblies

– FDG Structural Assemblies

Threaded Rod

– FDG Threaded Rod