Tauhara Power Station

Project Name:
Tauhara Power Station

Project Budget:
$818 million

Completion Date:
September 2023

    Taupō, Central North Island


    • VAE Group
    • Dialog Fitzroy
      (Head Structural Steel Contractor)
    • HVAC Contractor
    • Fire Sprinkler Contractor

    About this project:

    Tauhara is a new geothermal Power station north of Taupo in the central North Island. Developed by Contact Energy, this power station will displace just over 500,000 tons per year of carbon emissions as fossil fuel generation is shut down. This is equivalent to removing over 220,000 petrol cars from the New Zealand roads.

    Including Tauhara, Contact’s geothermal plants supply 12% of New Zealand’s electricity.  It will generate 174 megawatts of power and run 24 hours a day to provide base load power.

    FDG’s contribution

    FDG’s scope on this project was broad with product supply and service, across the large structural construction, as well as the HVAC and Fire support systems.

    Our German manufactured product Modframe™ played a key role in the modular framing design for containment and structural support.

    FDG’s commitment to service excellence was delivered not only with compliant seismic designs but with delivery direct to site keeping the customer moving and making.

    Key Features

    • Tauhara will produce just over 1,420 GWh of electricity per year, which is around 3.5% of NZ’s electricity and enough for 200,000 households.
    • FDG provided compliant seismic designs and engineering for the exterior ducting frames and extraction fan supports.

    Products Supplied

    General Fasteners
    Strut & Bracketry
    Chemical & Mechanical Seismic Anchors
    Pipe Supports

    Services Supplied

    Engineering & Seismic Design
    Custom Fabrication