Beam Capacity Calculator

MEFA StatiCAL is a static calculation software to assist you with selecting the correct profile size for your project.

For the selected profiles, the percentage utilization of the maximum permissible stress and displacement are given. Likewise, the maximum bending moment and the maximum displacement for the selected load case. The permissible values for the used profiles are also listed.

The program creates an audit-proof calculation report in a transparent way and enables the report to be added to your documentation.

Please note: FDG MODFRAME is identical to Mefa’s CENTUM heavy duty mounting system.

CENTUM XL 80 (S275J2H) = FDG ModFrame 80 Profile (MOD80HDG)
CENTUM XL 100 (S275J2H) = FDG ModFrame 100 Profile (MOD100HDG)
CENTUM XL 120 (S275J2H) = FDG ModFrame 120 Profile – Via indent only
CENTUM XL 120s (S275J2H) = FDG ModFrame 120s Profile – Via indent only
CENTUM XL 200 (S235) = FDG ModFrame 200 Profile (MOD200HDG)