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The relationship between FDG and Chenery Services is more than just a shared need for demand and supply of product; it’s a shared vision for partnerships to keep projects moving forward. This made the decision easy for Chenery when it came to sourcing their fastening and plumbing support products. They needed a supplier who could support their business and demonstrate time efficiencies, FDG took on the challenge. Chenery Services is a proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated company. It is one of Auckland’s largest contractors for commercial plumbing, heating, HVAC, air-conditioning and preventative maintenance & management services. With over 90 years experience and a portfolio of successful projects including the Hilton Hotel, Spark Arena and Westfield NewMarket just to name a few, Chenery demands the best from its suppliers to contribute to their continued success.

Customer Challenges


Issues with multiple supplier deliveries at different times


Suppliers in different locations causing delays


100 staff & 5 major projects on the go time saving required


Poor communication from some suppliers

FDG Solutions


FDG provides a consolidated supply to Chenery without compromising on service or cost


Gave Chenery the ability to use their time, their way by freeing up staff to focus on progressing a project forward


Full range of FDG products from Bolts & Nuts, Anchors & pipe clips, strut, cantilever brackets, masonry drills and tools


FDG source special items on request

“I can always depend on FDG to get me what I need when I need it”, the sign of a true partnership and shared vision. The ability for FDG to source special items is a bonus too”

Steve Tamatea of Chenery’s

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Case Studies


SmartShelters required FDG to work with both bespoke customer requirements and the wide selection of shelter types within their standard range. FDG took on this challenge and created a pre-packed kit solution that combines all the components.

Insite Facades

FDG who have already supplied to other Insite Facade projects join with them again on the Middlemore Hospital Project. With a project timeline spanning the next two years, FDG knew that relationships were key to a long-term partnership.

Chenery Services

Chenery needed suppliers who would come with solutions that helped with their challenges. For Chenery, FDG is one of those supplying partners, a company who is recognized and respected as a partner who will save time and enhance productivity.