Fire Protection With FDG FyreWrap

FyreWrap’s core application is for fire rating metal ducts and duct systems. FyreWrap’s aluminum foil fiberglass-reinforced scrim, which completely encapsulates the core, provides additional handling strength, protection from tearing and most importantly identification of the FyreWrap in the field by building certifiers and engineers.

Strong Material to Prevent Tearing

Highly engineered, lightweight and high temperature thermal insulation material Insulfrax.

Fire Resistence Level (FRL)

If you have previously fire tested fire-stopping systems you can now upgrade the FRL to achieve the full insulation rating and comprehensive compliant FRL with FDG FyreWrap.

Need Something More Custom?


Talk to FDG about a colour match for your fasteners. With a range of ColourSteel colours to choose from you can get a great looking match for your job.