– FDG stocks your core components along with key additional features.

  • Our heavy-duty ModFrame system is fixed together using a system of unique modular components and fastened together with a patented T-bolt.
  • The ModFrame slotted sections are the core component of the system. The Hot Dipped Galvanized sections offer endless flexibility and are stocked in 80×80, 100×100, 200×100 and 6-meter lengths.
  • Additional range components can be viewed at http://www.fdgnz.com/modframe/ or in our online catalogue http://www.fdgnz.com/catalogues/
  • We also stock a wide range of fixpoints, sliding elements, insulated pipe clamps, anchors and mounting accessories to complete the HVAC and heavy-duty piping support system.


– Our sales support team will work with you to scope and plan your requirements.

  • We offer onsite planning with you to ensure all the relevant information is gathered for the design process.
  • We have teamed up with local and professional structural engineers who can assist with designs for your next support structure construction.
  • A full engineering report will be supplied along with a package of layout drawings and a comprehensive bill of materials.
  • Engineering data and CAD files are available upon request.


– Install yourself or talk to us about prefabrication structural components

  • No welding required.
  • No delay in waiting for hot-works permits.
  • Easy to install and re-install due to its T-bolt fastening system.
  • Installation time is reduced by up to 60% in comparison to welded alternatives.
  • The flexible nature of ModFrame means site modifications are easily completed.


– We have the stock available when and where you need it

FDG works hard to keep you moving and making, so have a delivery option to suit your business.

  • We deliver direct to your work site, helping you to keep projects on track and on budget.
  • Same day, overnight or a specific delivery date can be arranged with our sales support team who will work with your onsite team.
  • Our secure supply chain means we have stock readily available and we work closely with our German supply partners to ensure sufficient stock for future demand.

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