Order Anywhere, Anytime with FDG’s Online Trade Store

Here at FDG we are determined to keep our customers moving and making. With our new online FDG Trade Store you can order on the job or in a time that suits you, keeping your project on track & on budget.

With FDG’s Online Trade Store it couldn’t be easier to choose your stock, organize payment and have it delivered to you, wherever you are!

If you are an existing FDG customer, just Register Here to get your own customer login.

If you don’t have an account with FDG you can apply with our Credit application form. Click here

If in doubt call our helpful Sales Support team on 0800 555 464

There are just 3 easy steps and lots of helpful features:

1. View the Trade store & Select your product

View our extensive ranges of fasteners, pipe & electrical support systems and trade consumables, all with your applied customer pricing.  If you are set up with the FDG SRS QR code ordering system, order and reorder is even easier by scanning a QR code of your desired products.

2. Select your payment option

Select to pay by either On Account or Online Payment. You can also add in a PO number for your own reference.

3. Select your delivery date & location

You can choose to have it delivered to your office or direct to site. You can also choose a delivery date that suits your project schedule.

That’s it!  Your order is on its way!!

To enhance your online ordering experience we have added additional features, such as:

1. Request a Quote

The ‘Request a quote’ feature, allows you to select your product, print out the quote and get approval or confirmation before proceeding with your order.  You can even request a quote for special items or pricing for larger quantities.

2. Scan to order

Using FDG’s SRS system, QR codes are assigned to the product you have onsite and order regularly. Using your mobile phone you can order by simply scanning the QR codes and putting in your desired quantities through the FDG Trade website.

You can watch a video about this great feature on our website click here

3. Your Favourite Items

You can create a list of your favourites products, making it quick and easy to order each time.

4. Manage Your Account

Managing all your invoicing, account contact and delivery details in one-place gives your administration team great visibility and saves you time and money when processing your accounts.

5. Special Offers

Keep an eye on the FDG Trade Store for online special deals and offers.

Any questions about our online Trade Store please give the helpful team at FDG a call 0800 555 464.

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