FDG’s Onsite & Workshop Storage Solutions

Here at FDG our aim is to keep your business moving and making so having the right equipment, fasteners and tools onsite, and within easy access is key. We offer a range of secure storage solutions for your needs.

Our Range

SRS System

FDG’s SRS system enables you to transfer data through either Bluetooth or USB, straight from your SRS barcode scanner to your phone, laptop or desktop.

Storage Container

For the bigger jobs we have the right solution to house materials, fasteners and tools in a secure container.

Site Box

For those who need something slightly smaller but still as versatile, the Site Box is the answer. These lockable units ensure safety for your tools onsite.

Vault Box

The Vault Box has an extremely durable casing with an internal power supply that allows you to keep your tools secure while they are charging.

Need Something More Custom?


For stud bolt and hold down bolt assemblies, threaded rod can be cut to any custom length to suit site specifications and requirements.