C1 Certified Seismic Rod Hangers

FDG carries a full range of C1 Certified Seismic Rod Hangers so you can be sure you comply with the New Zealand Building Code. Full testing results and compliance certification is available to ensure ease of compliance and technical submission. View our full range of Seismic Anchors here.

Features and Benefits:

  • C1 Seismic Rod Hangers with ETA Approval
  • Time-efficient installation through streamlined procedure – simply drill and drive
  • Completely removable
  • Unique design with patented threadform ensures high performance for relatively small hole diameter
  • Non-expansion functioning ensures low risk of damage to base material and makes R-LX ideal for installation near edges and adjacent anchors
  • High performance in non-cracked concrete
  • Different head types for any application
  • Oversize head for fixtures with elongated holes
  • Excellent product for temporary fixing
C1 Certified Seismic Rod Hanger Anchors
C1 C2 Certified Seismic Rod Hanger Anchors

Download Product Specification Document

This document includes all relevant product information such as:

Installation Data
Mechanical Properties
Basic Performance Data
Design Performance Data
Product Commercial Data

Download ETA Approval Document

This document was issued by the Technical and Test Institute for Construction – Prague, and contains information such as:

Technical description of the product
Specification of the intended use
Performance of the product


• Through-fixing

• Temporary anchorages

• Formwork support systems

• Balustrading & handrails

• Fencing & gates manufacturing and installation

• Racking systems

• Public seating

• Scaffolding

Base material

Cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60

Cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60

Non-cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60
Non-cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60

Reinforced concrete
Reinforced concrete

Unreinforced concrete
Unreinforced concrete

C1 Certified Seismic Rod Hanger Anchors
C1 Certified Seismic Rod Hanger Anchors

Product Information

Size Product Code FDG Product Code Anchor Approval Type 
Diameter Length
d L
[mm] [mm]
6 R-LX-06X055-I08-ZP   7.5 55  
R-LX-06X055-I8/10Z MVT6X57Z 7.5 55 ETA / C1 / Fire
R-LX-06X055-I10-ZP   7.5 55