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SmartShelters as the name suggests, is a smart company committed to the manufacture and installation of fabric clad commercial and agricultural shelters.


For this long-standing business that can service even the most rural of customers, timely service with an innovative approach to each job is what sets them apart from others in the market.

With a nationwide repeat customer base, SmartShelters are a key player in this industry as they look to tailor their products and services to the needs of their clients. With a diverse range of customers from DOC to movie productions, dairy farms to drilling projects, this company helps other businesses do their business better.


This level of detail and attention not only gives them a loyal customer base but also gives them a number of challenges due to customer-specific designs and a rigorous NZ building code.


The importance of a partner who could deliver a tailored solution to accompany their innovative designs, and understood the importance of the accuracy with the product, was key.

This chosen partner was FDG, who pride themselves on offering workable solutions that improve productivity and avoid costly disruptions.

FDG's Solution for SmartShelters

  • Understanding the product required for a wide selection of shelter types

  • Pre-packed kit solution 

  • Combining multiple suppliers products

  • Accuracy with a 2-person check system 

  • Helping them to service their customers better

SmartShelters required FDG to work with both bespoke customer requirements and the wide selection of shelter types within their standard range.


FDG took on this challenge and created a pre-packed kit solution that combines all the components  (excluding fabric and steel framing) required to put the shelter together. FDG took on the responsibility of sourcing all tapes, ratchets, including their own fastening range, giving SmartShelters the array of components required.


In producing such a pack, FDG combined what would normally be in excess of 5 suppliers’ products into one useful product kit.
Smart Shelters now have a solution that not only works for their customers but also reduces costs and time within their own business, through lower freight costs, packing time and resource time to co-ordinate multiple suppliers.


To maintain the accuracy of product FDG implemented a ‘2-person check system’ to all their product kits, giving Smart Shelters peace of mind in the components supplied.


To give SmartShelters further confidence in FDG, a trial was implemented and following a successful outcome, the team at SmartShelter decided to put the wheels in motion for orders to proceed.

“FDG is great to deal with, they took a new approach to our needs and came forward with a solution to help streamline a particular activity within our business. The FDG team are very helpful, they come forward with solutions and go out of their way to make things happen. This helps us to service our customers better.”

Jim Cottle, General Manager SmartShelters.

For FDG it is important to add value to our customer’s own business not just provide them stock, so implementing a fresh idea that measurably helps a customers clients and also their own operating costs, is a “Great days work” for FDG.

Talk to the team at FDG about how we can work on a solution for your business 0800 555 464. For more information about SmartShelters visit

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