Modular Framing

FDG’s ModFrame is a Modular Framing System ideally suited to supporting, heavy pipework, HVAC Equipment, large ducts of cable ladders. This high quality, German manufactured system comes together using a system of unique modular components and fastened with a patented T-bolts. ModFrame is the system of choice and endless flexibility for all heavy-duty support requirements. The major advantages of ModFrame are as follows:
• Eliminates the need for welding, drilling, and galvanizing
• Up to 60% time savings and significantly reduced material weights.
• All components are Hot Dipped Galvanized.
• Its modular nature means site modifications are easily completed.

ModFrame Section

The ModFrame section is the core component of the system. The slotted Hot Dipped Galvanized section offers endless flexibility and is stocked in 80×80, 100×100 and 200×100 in HDG and 6-meter lengths.

T- Bolt

ModFrames Patented T-Bolt is the fixing used to fasten the section to the wide range of fittings available. Being a 10.9 grade fastener, it has a rating of over 21KN per connection.

ModFrame Console

The ModFrame console is available in 80mm and 100mm section with a pre-welded baseplate ideal for heavy duty bracing applications. Available in a range of lengths.

ModFrame Baseplate

The ModFrame Baseplate is used to fix the section to the ground or wall. It gives the system superior stability and strength.

Flat Plate Fittings

The ModFrame Flat Plate Fittings are used to connect the section and create frames and supports. Available in a wide range of sizes.

ModFrame Angle Fittings

The ModFrame angle fittings are used to connect and strengthen the system when constructing frames. They are attached to the section through the slotted holes using the T-Bolt.

ModFrame Thread Connector

The ModFrame thread connector is available in multiple sizes and used to hang threaded rods off the section for hanging pipe, cable tray or duct.

ModFrame Connector Set

The ModFrame connector set is used to join multiple lengths of section at a time. They are available in all sizes to suit the range of section.

Brace Bracket

The ModFrame Brace Bracket is used to attach diagonal threaded rods in tension to add strength to the system. They are available to suit the Mod100 section.

Need Something More Custom?


Talk to FDG about a colour match for your fasteners. With a range of ColourSteel colours to choose from you can get a great looking match for your job.