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Things may run a bit hot and cold in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, but when it comes to partnerships the one between FDG and Excel runs hot as they deliver to their customer's needs.


Excel Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Limited is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company, servicing the North Island with 11 offices.

Established in 2005 the company has grown to a highly skilled team of over 160 staff and their reputation for excellent service and support is what them puts them ahead of others in the industry.

Excel specialises in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems along with ventilation and air-conditioning for commercial premise.

Excel is supported by a network of local and international suppliers, and as one of their suppliers, FDG, had the privilege of working with them on a recent project for FruPak Cool Stores in Hastings.


This project came with time pressures and significant space restrictions, as well as the added complication of combining old and new.

The objective of the project was to run air conditioning and ventilation services to the new chillier between the existing building and the proposed new extension.


FDG provided a solution that included a tailored design to work within the restricted space and a quick install product that gave Excel the confidence to deliver in a timely manner.

ModFrame by FDG is an innovative modular framing system that supports pipes and services with ease and was the perfect fit for this project. The component-based assembly of ModFrame means you can have a variation of parts to suit the unique shape of the construction involved.

The structural integrity of this German engineered product meant that supporting multiple services across one structure was no problem and a key element for making the most of this confined space.


With time restrictions on this project, the added feature of simple and quick installation was an important factor. The modular nature of ModFrame means installation times are significantly reduced in comparison to traditional welded framing systems. It is great to see our innovative products being used to overcome our customer’s challenges.

"With a great product and timely service, FDG was able to give Excel peace of mind, allowing them to focus on the big picture while FDG took care of the detail."

For FDG it is important to add value to our customer’s own business not just provide them stock, so helping a customer to save valuable time is what the team here at FDG is focused on doing. Moving business forward through partnership.

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