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Installation and fabrication of structural steel


Product range, Knowledge, Advice


Glendene, Auckland
For a company that builds big, it can be the small things that make the biggest difference. Obelisk Industrial is an Auckland based company focusing on the installation and fabrication of structural steel. Their knowledge and expertise in steel fabrication, welding and erection of steel structures is clear to see in their many projects across the country. The team at Obelisk have been part of large projects such as NZICC, where their technical expertise relating to site welding and installation of approximately 9000 tons of structural steel was an integral part of the project. Also Westfield 277, where they erected 4700 tonnes of structural steel and the Tasti Food Factory which required 150 tonnes of structural steel and 38 metres of lattice trusses to be well planned and executed. The Obelisk team is dedicated to the quality of their work, with a goal to leave behind an achievement that will continue to stand in both metaphorical and literal terms. To support this goal Obelisk believes that their suppliers big and small need to come with the same commitment to every job, which is why they chose FDG. Obelisk required a partner that would bring flexibility and knowledge to their variety of projects, and FDG brought both to the partnership. FDG supplied a selection of general fasteners including structural bolts and threaded rod, as well as a variety of power tools and consumables, helping Obelisk to consolidate suppliers. The Obelisk team also called on the FDG team for product knowledge and advice.

Customer Challenges


Partners who could bring flexibility and knowledge.


Supplier who had experience working on big projects.


Required a supplier who stocked structural fasteners as well as tools and consumables.


Help consolidating suppliers.

FDG Solutions


Single invoicing for multiple different product offerings, consolidating multiple suppliers.


Fasteners including structural bolts, threaded rod.


Power tools and consumables.


Product knowledge and advice.

“Thanks FDG for always helping out where you can, your knowledge and support is awesome and much appreciated.” Team at Obelisk Industrial

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Case Studies


SmartShelters required FDG to work with both bespoke customer requirements and the wide selection of shelter types within their standard range. FDG took on this challenge and created a pre-packed kit solution that combines all the components.

Insite Facades

FDG who have already supplied to other Insite Facade projects join with them again on the Middlemore Hospital Project. With a project timeline spanning the next two years, FDG knew that relationships were key to a long-term partnership.

Chenery Services

Chenery needed suppliers who would come with solutions that helped with their challenges. For Chenery, FDG is one of those supplying partners, a company who is recognized and respected as a partner who will save time and enhance productivity.