The Ideal Product to Support Your Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical Piping and Cabling.

Strut or sometimes known in the industry as Unistrut, is one of the core components in mechanical, hydraulic and electrical support systems.
This non-welded, adjustable and reusable strut channel framework, provides superior flexibility due to its modular nature.

This metal framing system which can be configured into any possible variation, uses a series of metal channel pieces in either, solid strut, slotted strut or angled strut, creating a ceiling mounted support structure ideal for running pipes and cables in a ceiling cavity.
Strut is a time and money saving alternative to traditional support methods by eliminating the need for welding and drilling. No need for hot works permits to slow you down.
FDG’s Strut is ideal for Pipes & Conduits, Cable Tray, Ducting, Ceiling support grids, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical & Data wire, Rooftop pipe systems, Material handling systems, Roof top walkways and Solar panel systems.

The different types of Strut:



Slotted Strut FDG

Slotted Strut channels are ideal for mounting, bracing, supporting and connecting lightweight structural loads. Slotted Strut have pre-drilled (or Cut) holes (or Slots) which are large enough to thread steel rod or bolts, for easy installation.
Strut channels can be easily assembled with minimal tools and existing onsite labour, significantly reducing costs in many applications. This support system can be modified and easily added to if required.



Solid Strut FDG
Solid Strut provides a more heavy-duty channel, giving you a strong structure support system for projects with extra weight. The inwards facing lip allows you to mount channel nuts, braces, connecting nuts and other types of fittings to join the connecting lengths and appropriate fasteners like thread rod, wire or bolts. *add in* “Often used for Seismic Bracing”

You can also use back-to-back strut for extra heavy-duty requirements or more commonly used in seismic bracing and larger pipework.



Strut Accessories FDG

Strut accessories provide the comprehensive offering for a support system installation. These include threaded rod, pipe clamps, strut base plates, angle brackets, strut base plate, U shaped bracket, Z shaped bracket, strut nuts, spring nuts, speed nuts, T-nuts, cantilever brackets, beam clamps, trolley assemblies and much more.
FDG has a range of over 200 strut accessories to suit your unique site requirements. We also have the ability to manufacture custom components very quickly if required.



Your onsite building contractor will generally be responsible for the installation of your strut modular framing system, including the ordering. Design drawings for strut layout and installation will generally be provided by your Architect (Registered Seismic Engineer?) however you can work with a strut supplier like FDG who have Designers & Engineers available to put together a framework plan for your specific requirements. An Engineer will be best to advise on the requirements for structural weights and suspension calculations for intended piping and cabling.

Was this useful to you? Our team would be keen to talk with you about your Strut requirements.


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