ModFrame – A new era in Modular Framing Solutions


What is ModFrame® modular framing and how does it work?

FDG’s ModFrame® is the ideal solution for pipeline and plant engineering. Heavy loads and pipes with a large diameter will be supported safely and reliably, using construction and design suitable for the site.
With a few components and a clear and simple bolting system, ModFrame offers decisive advantages against conventional, welded steel structures.

This high quality, German manufactured system comes together using a system of unique modular components and fastened with patented T-bolts. ModFrame is the system of choice with endless flexibility for all heavy-duty support requirements. FDG’s ModFrame eliminates the need for welding and drilling, giving you up to 60% time savings and significantly reduced material weights.


What are the main benefits of FDG’s ModFrame?

  • With no need for welding there is considerable reduction in assembly time.
  • The patented t-bolt has a 10KN Load Rating
  • The modular nature means all or parts can be removed at any time. Eliminating costly reworks.
  • Adaptation to the design and construction are made easy with the ModFrame mounting systems.
  • All components are hot-dip galvanized or have a special zinc nickel coating
  • The closed profile ensures a high tosional stiffness
  • The large range of componenets enable a endless number of designs and configurations
  • All ModFrame profiles are quality-assured in accordance with RAL-GZ 655-C and meet the requirements of DIN EN 1090.


How is ModFrame different from traditional welded steel framing?

The key benefit of ModFrame modular framing, is the ability to modify on site, giving you the capability to adjust to the site changes or conditions.

Framing changes requiring cutting and re-welding are often expense and always time consuming, but with ModFrame you can easily unbolt, adjust or remove parts as required.

Another time and cost saving benefit of ModFrame vs welded framing, is the elimination of the need for a hot works permit.. With ModFrame you do not need a hot-works permit you just need an impact driver and a dedicated team.

ModFrame can also be constructed offsite and delivered to your site near completion, reducing lead times for construction and saving time and resource on a busy work site where many trades are working together.

Traditional welded steelwork would need to be cut, welded, fabricated, galvanized and then delivered to site, in the hope that no changes are required once it is installed. With ModFrame that time is reduced by up to 60%, giving you greater time and cost efficiencies.

Like with all projects ‘Time is Money’, so if you can reduce time by not needing permits, quicker installation on site and the ability to change, there is significant cost savings to be made.


Is ModFrame easy to install and how does the bolt system work?

The key feature of ModFrame is its ease of installation. The patented T-lock head is a fast and safe fixing, giving a shape-fitting connection instead of forced fitting. The locking Ribs bind into the profile and connect when tightened.

This can be done either prior to delivery or onsite in quick fashion. Working with ModFrame gives your team installation time-savings, allowing them to bolt and un-bolt as required. There is nothing more frustrating than welding something only to find it needs to be changed once pipes are installed.

Another benefit to installing ModFrame is the ability to make more of the space you have available. ModFrame modular framing allows multiple services across one structure and due to the modular nature of ModFrame, the frame can be constructed into unique shapes to fit the space you have available.


Will FDG help with the designs and drawings for my ModFrame configuration plans?

Yes! Talk to FDG about our Design Service with your next project. We have teamed up with local and professional structural engineers who can assist with designs for a modular framing solution for your next project.  

We will work together to co-ordinate your design and help you complete your project on time and on budget. A full engineering report will be supplied along with a package of layout drawings and a comprehensive bill of materials. Engineering data and CAD files are available upon request from the FDG Team, who can assist your internal teams with design in the early stages.


How can I order FDG ModFrame?

  • You can order FDG ModFrame direct from our Sales Support team on 0800 555 464 or sales@fdgnz.com
  • You can visit our online Trade Store at trade.fdgnz.com
  • You can request a visit from one of our experienced Sales Team who will come and show you the ModFrame product and understand your requirements better.
Talk to FDG about your upcoming projects and get us in at the design phase to assist with specification requirements and eliminating later changes.

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