Does it matter where it’s Designed and Made ……….
We think it does!

One of the core principles at FDG is to source reliable and reputable products and supply chain.

When considering what products to stock FDG looks to the quality of goods and suppliers along with the purpose of their application.

Germany’s prowess in engineering is indisputable, renowned for their dedication to precision, function and strength. Over the past 150 years, it has maintained its reputation as a top exporter of quality products, which is why FDG is proud to offer our ModFrame range, designed, manufactured and refined over 40 years in Kupferzell, Germany.

This modular support system designed to support pipework, electrical trays and mechanical plant in the commercial and industrial sectors, is a core offering from FDG.



FDG’s strong relationship with the European manufacturer and the local NZ engineering community, has given us the ability & knowledge to develop a system compliant to the Australasian standards of NZ/AS 4219 and NZS 1170.5.

In-depth understanding of the local construction market combined with comprehensive knowledge of who produces the best quality product is key to our client’s confidence in what we supply. Having products fit for purpose and compliant to NZ standards is what construction companies expect, reducing risk or costly mistakes.



The market for pipe supports systems is often filled with confusing local and international specifications, inferior products and claims that don’t live up to their promise.

FDG’s ModFrame has been assessed with the RAL Quality measure. RAL quality marks make it possible to objectively assess the technical standards of pipe supports offered by different manufacturers.

Products and Services that receive the RAL Gütezeichen Quality Mark, mean they are manufactured according to high and precisely defined quality criteria, something people have always expected from German designed and manufactured product. 


Delivering through results

The ModFrame modular system is simple to assemble and install with screw components for easy connection and protected with hot dip galvanising for long lasting performance.

ModFrame modular framing is one of the most comprehensive support solutions available for technical building equipment such as pipe, electrical, air-conditioning and ventilation.

FDG is enjoying the challenges that come our way, especially when we can save companies time and money with innovative solutions using the ModFrame system. A key time saver from ModFrame is the elimination of the need for hot works permits due to there being no requirement for welding. This can speed up a project exponentially keeping projects on track and on budget.

Read more about one of our latest projects where the structural integrity and modular nature of this German engineered product meant that supporting multiple services across one structure was no problem. Also installation times were significantly reduced in comparison to traditional welded framing systems.


How to install Threaded Rod & a Quick Lock Pipe Clamp – FDG

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